First round of airdrop is done!

We are thrilled to announce that we have distributed the first round of airdrop on December 8, 2019. Thank you for your active support! If you didn’t receive your COMMs, please kindly remind us in this form for a re-drop!
Please fill in the link:

So…The airdrop is over?

No, not yet! Crypto Commonwealth together with IMOEX will carry out another 5-USD0 airdrop to all followers in the community!

Install IMOEX Wallet, register with invitation code F3139B89, and buy COMMs with USD0 in an airdrop round.

Note: please register with the invitation code above, or you will NOT receive the drop. The sole purpose of USD0 is to purchase COMMs in the airdrop round, which is to be conducted at a certain time in the wallet. Please stay tuned for more announcements. All USD0 will expire permanently after the airdrop round.

Here is a tutorial on how to register with the exchange and the wallet:
IMO introduction in narratives:

Rules for airdrop :
(1) During the period from December 10th to December 22nd, the newly registered users can get an airdrop of 5 USD0 through the invitation link.
(2) The airdrop will be issued on December 23, and the private placement subscription for the airdrop round starts right away in the wallet.

※ Note: if you do not participate in the private placement of the COMM airdrop round after receiving the airdrop, the 5 USD0 will expire within 48 hours.

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