Quality Content Award

  • We compensate 640, 400, 240 COMMs for selected, unpublished submissions to 'Beta for Pros', 'Beta for Fun', 'Crypto Insights', respectively. You are welcome to publish your work in any social media or publication channels, as long as it states 'This article received the Quality Content Award from cryptosmartbeta.com.' at the beginning of your work.
  • This program covers more than crypto analysis. All informative articles in finance and economics are welcome.


  • For a limited time only, if your crypto analysis is accepted by other journals, or is being posted on an open academic knowledge base, such as SSRN, arXiv, etc. within the past half year, please send us the link and we will consider them for publication equally. Peer reviewed articles usually have a higher chance to be published. Older ones could be published too if the content is really impressive. We will verify your identity in the same way as for other publications. Same waivers apply here too.

Article Support Program

  1. The program is for invited authors only. Please fill the form if you don't have it and would like to apply.
  2. Contingent on the article nature, we compensate 520, 320, 200 COMMs, and the author is required to make the following statement 'This article is supported by cryptosmartbeta.com.' at the beginning of the article if it's being posted on a publication channel or on social media. Your work needn't be quantitative as long as it's informative.
  3. The support program covers articles on other financial instruments too, as long as they are posted with the correct statement and meet the qualifications - well written and  informative (1000 words at least).
  4. The support statement should stay with the article permanently except in the case of force majeure. We reserve the right to cancel the author's future benefits if it is removed purposefully.
  5. Limited 3 articles per week per person. Links or snapshots must show timestamps.
  6. Please send us your article links (or snapshots with timestamp), your real name and ERC20 address once you accumulate over 5 articles. You can email us at admin@cryptosmartbeta.com with the following title 'article support program claim from [your_name]'.  Or simply fill this form to claim COMMs.
  7. We will verify your links and issue the rewards to the first email claiming these articles, which should be undoubtedly the real author if you exercise caution. Please allow a week for us to process the claim.


We will announce one week in advance before any short-term quests stop. Please follow this page closely.