Sticker set contest

Dear followers,

Crypto Commonwealth is hosting a series of sticker contests among all regional language groups! The rewards for each group – 1st prize: 350 COMMs, 2nd prize: 250 COMMs, 3rd prize: 150 COMMs. Retweet with your stickers in both English and your mother tongue, and submit to your local community manager to participate!

* Design a sticker set that builds in blockchain elements and conveys our core values. Minimal 5 required.
* Retweet with your sticker set and some supportive comment in BOTH English and your native language.
* Only regional groups of more than 200 people qualify to participate. Invite more friends to join us!
* Submit your sticker set (including source files) and retweet link to your regional community manager for review, together with your email and ERC20 address.
* If your language group isn’t available, please contact one of the admins in our English group.
* Event period: 1/5/2020 – 2/5/2020. We will review all submissions in a week, announce all winners and apply the stickers in the regional groups accordingly. We may conduct a vote and pick some of them into the English groups!
* The rewards will be distributed in 1-2 weeks upon completion of this campaign.
* Crypto Commonwealth reserves the right of final interpretation for this campaign.

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