Our publication area offers high-quality and original quantitative analysis* purchased from the authors upon peer review. We do our best to publish novel articles and strategies of original ideas. See here for our acceptance criteria.

Beta for Pros 

This column publishes heavyweight research papers intended for professionals with advanced quantitative backgrounds. The scope of the paper covers smart beta / alpha investigation, factor / risk premium analysis, ETF construction, pair arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, exchange arbitrage, high frequency trading, risk management, automatic investment, market making, and the applications of portfolio management techniques that improve simple trading methods.

Beta for Fun

This column publishes quantitative and fun crypto analysis, tokenomics and philosophies. Most topics in "Beta for Pros" are covered too except intended for generic readers.

Crypto Insights

This column publishes non-quantitative articles in the blockchain domain including crypto overviews, insights, token mechanism / algorithm, macro visions, blockchain techniques, etc. They serve as educational resources and a crypto knowledge base.


*  The information on the site is intended to enable investors to understand the nature of our investments or to serve educational purposes. It is not intended as and does not constitute investment advice or legal or tax advice or an offer to sell any cryptos to any person or a solicitation of any person of any offer to purchase any cryptos.