COMM easily interacts with other ERC20 tokens

Before ERC20, every cryptocurrency re-invented the wheel by implementing their own versions of basic functions. They have their own utility sets for token ownership, transfer, approval, roles, and many more, with their own unique names but similar arguments if/when applicable. If a developer wanted to enable interactions between two tokens, he or she would need to study the intricacies of each codebase in full.

ERC20 solved the problem and serves as one of the most popular and mature infrastructures in smart contract prototyping and token issuance. As one of the ERC20 family members, COMM can easily interact with any other ERC20 tokens via smart contracts, as they use a common set of protocols and technical guidelines.

Audited by renowned security institution, CertiK, COMM’s transparent ERC20 codebase is highly versatile and designed to suit flexible needs. Monetary policy is the key to the success of any currency ecosystem. Our codebase enables effective macroeconomic controls overseen by a dedicated COMC, the Commonwealth Open Market Committee. Upon the execution of righteous monetary policy, the Commonwealth Foundation is dedicated to improving fairness in the wealth redistributions from new social achievements, and fostering the continuing growth of civilization.

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