CertiK’s audit report is out!

Crypto Commonwealth is delighted to announce that the highly-respected smart contract auditor CertiK has audited the Commonwealth Token (COMM) deployment to the Ethereum main net and its smart contract, awarding it a score of 97% for security and implementation quality. CertiK's report concluded: ‘we believe this smart contract passes security qualification to be listed on digital asset exchanges’. To support the release, both the contract's source code and official audit result have been released to the public. The contract address and source code are viewable on Etherscan.io,
as well as Github.

The token we issue, Commonwealth (or ‘COMM’ for short) is the absolute, irreplaceable and undisputed right to participate in our subscription, circulation and investment ecosystem. We expect this right to be widely held and executed as we progress. The total supply of Commonwealth is 1 billion.

The token distribution goes as follows: 20% is reserved for the team and to be released linearly or slower over the course of at least 5 years. 30% is owned by the foundation pool and reserved for ecosystem operations, alpha and content mining in particular. 50% is available for sales in tiers. The traffic and active users of our websites, the quality of our publications and fund performances are the key drivers to the growth of our ecosystem. We offer prospective investors opportunities to acquire COMMs in full compliance with local laws, policies and regulations.

Go, Crypto Commonwealth!

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