All our employees and core decision-makers are requested to disclose all their COMM addresses for close monitoring

Insider trading as is defined by SEC regulations is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to the Securities Exchange Act of 1933 and 1934, Form 3-5, Rule 10b-5. Violation of the prohibition on insider trading can result in severe consequences.

The total supply of Commonwealth is 1 billion, which was deployed as an ERC20 token with contract address 0x82357dF5C6E660f6Ca33224AA9A2A0b8170bE99d. CBNDs are deployed in contract addresses:

0x3076582695fc48fbed93afaf99635cc802a118d5 0x9b85891249e1fa4351614acb1a74ba2020732772 0xeffeab5ea7171a92ec35d8dd609676fb29ef4f3b

More tokens will be available for sale later as the project progresses. The sale will end when these tokens are sold or when we deem appropriate.

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