Welcome aboard, Simon!

Dear followers,

We are happy to announce that Mr. Simon Cocking has joined us as Editor in Chief for the Commonwealth Publisher. Simon oversees Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT with over 1.5 million unique monthly views. He is the #1 ranked expert among People of Blockchain on ICO Bench, and the #1 ranked advisor on ICO Holder. A business mentor and advisor working with over 200 successful companies to date, he has been named among the top of many global Twitter influencer lists.

Meanwhile, Simon is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, and overseas in Monte Carlo, Pyeonchang, Amsterdam, Dubai, Delhi, Kiev, Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga, Porto, Dublin and Helsinki. He has been based in Ireland for over two decades and has founded or cofounded seven successful companies.

Simon will supervise #Crypto Commonwealth’s publishing endeavors including advertisement, author invitation, article reviewing, editing and recommendation. He will help contact or advertise among authors potentially interested in article submission, recommend topics, guidelines, outlines and acceptance criteria as needed, and book or buy articles from guest authors. He will also assist us to gather articles, review & revise as appropriate, and recommend the best of them for publishing. Furthermore, he has been improving the COMM tokenomics, and will continue to counsel for us, optimize our operation efficiency, as well as advise in #COMM and #COMMunity’s best interest.

Welcome aboard, Simon!

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