What is Crypto Commonwealth?

We are a group of experts, scholars, quant researchers and senior IT engineers with varied backgrounds. Most of us hold advanced degrees in #quantitative disciplines. We see abundant #investment #opportunities in the highly volatile yet rapidly growing markets and decided to set up a semi-decentralized ecosystem intended for the benefit of the most.

Moreover, the Commonwealth #tokenomics boasts multiple innovative features to be pioneered, many among the world’s first, including applications as investing rights, compensation to alpha and content mining, macroeconomic control overseen by the Commonwealth Open Market Committee (#COMC) and many more.

Make love, not war. Destroy power, not people. Decentralize in value and technology, but centralize further in collaboration as a united civilization. This is how we humans differ from other species on earth and stand out. As the undoubted leader of planet earth’s biosphere, our civilization can, should and is obligated to achieve much more.

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