Investment opportunities with Crypto Commonwealth

The primary ways to invest with Crypto Commonwealth are to invest directly if your investment is over the equivalent of $100,000 in USD or 1% of our AUM, whichever is greater, or to purchase the ERC20 token we issue, ’Commonwealth’ (or ’COMM’) at the latest price, either predefined over-the-counter (OTC) via our Initial Coin Offering or from other token holders. We will continue to conduct private or public sales for fundraising as the ecosystem grows. 

We will do our best to stabilize the continuous growth of the ecosystem via prudent investment and active or semi-active asset management to our best discretion. The profit is expected to be smoother than bitcoin and persist in both the bull and bear markets across multiple financial markets. On the other hand, the token investment via ICO / IEO would be ideal for small investors. The success of our ecosystem relies on the content and strategy quality, ecosystem development and expansion, website traffic and project popularity. As we establish more consensus and confidence in public, we expect COMM to circulate in a variety of use cases, and be widely held by participants of the ecosystem.

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